When deciding what I can do to make a baby shower gift a bit more special, I consider the relationship I have with the person receiving the gift. I ask myself, sometimes without thinking, how close am I to the person receiving the gift? Are we related? Are we close? Do we have a past together? Have we shared secrets? Are we acquaintances? Is it someone I work with? All of these factor in for me.

When I am close to someone it is more important that the baby gift is exceptionally special, and by that I don’t mean more expensive. It might mean I know what makes more of an impact on her than someone who isn’t as close. It might mean I know about something she forgot to place on her baby register, or something I know she will need but has not thought of. Because we have a relationship I want her to know how much she means to me so I try to give a baby shower gift with that extra something that makes her feel important. This is her time, it is not about me.

I always want my baby gifts to be special. However, it is sometimes easier to buy for those who I am not quite as close to. It is easier to buy something that is more useful or more in my price range that is on her baby register. For those who I am not as close to I still want to buy a gift that makes an impression. I want them to know I care about them and would like to know them better. Because I may not know them as well, I will generally buy something off of her baby register and add a little something extra for her.

Secondly, I consider how much money I have to spend on a baby shower gift. Have I been putting money away for a gift since my friend told me the exciting news? The good thing about baby gifts is you can always find something relatively inexpensive for a new mother. Even if you can only afford to buy burp cloths and a card, the way it is presented and wrapped goes a long way to show you care.

This is where the relationship comes to play. I might not have the money to buy an expensive gift, but because we are close, I know she understands and our relationship is more important than what I give as a gift. So I might buy something inexpensive that she needs and add something personal that I have made. It can be as simple as just adding some special chocolate that I know she loves or has been craving. Or maybe my friend loves very pretty wrapped gifts; I can take something inexpensive and make it more special by wrapping it in a special way, or putting a personal note just for her to read that brings a precious memory to her mind. Sometimes the best gift to give is the gift of our time. If you are really struggling financially, making coupons for future babysitting is a wonderful gift. The important thing to remember is a baby shower is given not just to give gifts but to celebrate the new life coming into the relationship we have.

If by chance I am in the position to buy a more expensive gift or several gifts I still try to make it as personal as possible by including an item that may become a keepsake gift in the future. This way I can be practical and sentimental at the same time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had an unlimited source of money? If we did we wouldn’t give a second thought to those high price tags that come on baby gifts or any other type of gift we might want to buy for someone. Unfortunately not everyone has that privilege, at least not in my circle of friends. With an unlimited amount of money I might be able to buy a lot of wonderful things, but would I know when to stop? Sometimes knowing that I only have a certain amount of money to spend may make my baby gift selection easier, and perhaps more meaningful. A gift that has sentimental value to the person receiving the gift is always a winner.

Having a budget means careful planning and more thought into making a gift purchase. By having a budget I am forced into a certain price range, thereby making my baby gift selection easier. Maybe not emotionally easier but it can limit my selection of gifts. Sometimes it may be difficult to find that just right personal gift when you don’t have a lot of money but it can be done.

How do I make it special?

As I mentioned earlier I try to make every baby gift purchase a special one. With so many different baby gifts out there to buy it can be overwhelming. For my practical side I buy something that is on the baby gift register, and then I buy something that is not on the register. Today with the baby gift registers so popular an expectant mom can see ahead of time what people are buying. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just like to have something that will be a surprise.

If I am close to someone it makes it easier to make it special, only because I might know her favorite chocolate, or her favorite colors. If you don’t know her too well because you only have a passing working relationship it will take a bit more time and effort to make a gift special. Use what you know to make a gift special. If you don’t know what she likes then ask the friends that know her better. There is a reason beyond the gift that you were invited.

If you are beyond knowing what someone might find special there are some beautiful gift baskets on-line that contain items that you can’t find in the department stores that contain both practical and sentimental items. I have ordered these for those friends and family that now live in another state. And if you aren’t into gift baskets you can find some unique baby gifts or personalized baby gifts on line for those out of town. Personalized gifts are nice and always appreciated if you know the baby’s name ahead of time.

How a gift is presented shows the person has put some time and thought into presenting the gift. If you happen to know the colors being used in the baby’s room you might wrap the gift in a coordinating color. If she wants she might use it to line a drawer of the baby’s room. Gift bags are always nice and can be reused.

I have seen many happy moms delighted when they see their favorite candy is tucked in along with the baby gift. Think about what puts a smile on your friends face and go from there. It doesn’t take much to make a gift special. Use what you know, use your imagination and creativity to make an ordinary gift a special gift. And enjoy the baby shower!
Remember a baby shower is given not just to give gifts but to celebrate the new life coming into the relationship we have. Let’s not discount the fact that the best gift we can give is our love, care and support.

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