Where to Begin decorating your kid’s bedroom?
I would begin with a main color. Talk to your child and involve them in picking out their favorite colors. If they are too young (or you know you won’t like any color they choose) give them a choice of three colors that you like and let them decide which one of the three they like best. By giving them a choice and going with their favorite color you are validating them and teaching them to make decisions at the same time. Also, the finished result may be treated with a little more care and consideration then if they were not involved in the decision making.

What kind of paint do I use in painting my children’s bedroom?
Kids can be hard on rooms so you will want to use a paint that is durable, and easy to clean. I have found that semi-gloss or high gloss paint is the easiest to clean. Flat paint tends to rub off when trying to clean it, so I would stay away from that.

After the painting is done what’s next?
After the painting is done, the walls looks great but you still have the same ole’ curtains, rugs, and bedding. To spark up the room I would recommend looking at where you can find a variety of affordable kids bedding and accessories in timeless designs that will freshen up the look of any kids bedroom. Again I would take into consideration your child’s interests and favorite colors and let them help you come up with a theme. I recommend staying away from the TV characters and movie based bedding as it becomes obsolete as soon as a new motion picture or new character becomes popular.

I’ve picked a theme now what?
Okay, you have a theme. Now you want to pick items that reflect that theme. The main interest would be the bedding. The first thing you see when you walk in a bedroom is the bed, and you want it to look inviting. Once you have the bedding I would add a few accessories as your budget permits. Curtains are a fast room brightener along with window valances. You don’t have to buy everything at once. Add a themed rug that coordinates with the bedding, or a themed wall border that accents the bedding. Design for fun and practicality and keep decorations simple and easy to look after. You will also want to make sure whatever you buy is child-safe and does not have sharp edges and are unbreakable. Kids need a lot of storage space, so you may want to add extra shelves in their bedroom and closets. Finding containers, storage units and baskets for your child to put their books, shoes and playthings will help keep the newly decorated bedroom neat and orderly. Also, having hooks on the back of closet doors will help keep coats off the floor.

Begin decorating by involving your child in picking the colors and theme of their bedroom. Use good semi-gloss or high gloss paint for easy cleaning. Replace your kids bedding and curtains and add accessories that coordinate with the theme of the bedroom. Remember by creating a special room for your child you are creating memories for a lifetime! Your child is your biggest investment, make it a memorable one.

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